MODEL SW 30 Solvent Cleaning Machine

Design Features

The Solvent Washer Model SW 30 has numerous solvent cleaning machine design features which make it safe, simple, and cost effective for a variety of users including the following:

Easy to operate - Simply fill the tank and press the “Start” button. The SW 30 has several features to simplify operation and minimize operator involvement including:

  • Continuous gravity feed feature minimizes manual loading of a unit
  • Automatic timer shutdown at end of cycle
  • Distillation tank at convenient work height
  • Tilt back lid with quick open feature
  • Disposable high temperature bags and tapered stainless steel tank for easy cleaning
  • Quick disconnect for flow control valve
  • Ability to gravity feed clean solvent into a 55 gallon drum

Safety - The SW 30 recylcing machine is a closed loop system with numerous safety features for a variety of users including:

  • Redundant safety features including automatic heater shutdown for excessive temperature and pressure conditions
  • Available for hazardous fire locations (Class 1, Division 2, Group D)
  • Stainless steel cabinet and tank
  • Insulated lid
  • Raised control panel with indicator lights.

Process rate (1) 30 gallons/day
Boiling range of solvents 100 F – 375 F
  38 C – 190 C
Utilities required
Electrical 240v, 1phase, 20 amp
Water (2) 2GPM
Length 39 in.
Width 36 in.
Height 50 in.
Weight 465 lb.

(1) Process rate may be higher or lower depending on type of solvent and percentage of solid content.
(2) Optional re-circulating cooling tower is available.

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Click here to submit a Request for Quote or call us today at 1.800.617.7602