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Solvent Distillation Machines

Solvent Washer Distillation Machine

How does Solvent Washer work?

The Solvent Washer, designed and manufactured by Solvent Waste Management, Inc., uses a state-of-the-art distillation process to reclaim solvents that have become contaminated in cleaning operations. The Solvent Washer heats a solvent to its boiling point, causing the solvent to vaporize and separate from its contaminants. The vapor is then passed through a water condenser where it condenses into a clean, reusable solvent.

Customers from a variety of different industries have found application for our solvent distillation machines.

Solvent Waste also offers the opportunity to purchase used solvent recycling machines

The Solvent Washer has numerous design features which make it safe, simple, and cost effective.

Distillation Machine Features:

  • Various models to process from 8 gallons per shift to over 70 gallons per shift.
  • Available for Hazardous Locations (Class 1, Division 2, Group D)
  • Continuous feed processing on the SW30, SW55, and SW70 models.
  • Virtually no moving parts for trouble free operation.
  • Easy to operate- Simply fill the tank and press the “Start” button. System has automatic shutdown at the end of the cycle.
  • Redundant safety features including automatic safety shutdown for excessive temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Leasing program available for instant savings.

Made with pride in the USA.

The Model SW 8 solvent cleaner has many design features which make it safe, simple, and cost effective.

View 8-Gallon Solvent Distillation Machine

The SW 30 has several features to simplify operation and minimize operator involvement.

View 30-Gallon Solvent Distillation Machine

The SW 55 is a vacuum assisted unit for increased production in reclamation equipment.

View 55-Gallon Solvent Distillation Machine

The SW 70 is a closed loop solvent distillation system with safety features for a variety of users.

View 70-Gallon Solvent Distillation Machine

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