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General Alexander Haig's
World Business Review interview

General Alexander Haig, former Chief of Staff for President Richard Nixon, hosted the news program World Business Review. To view his interview with Solvent Waste Management and the comments from a customer, click the button on the screen below.

Since 1994, Solvent Waste Management, Inc. has assisted many companies in a variety of different industries not only improve their operations but also reduce costs as follows:

1. Cleaner parts improve quality

Proper cleaning of parts and equipment are important to many users to maintain quality. Solvents lose their cleaning ability as they become contaminated and it takes more time and effort to clean parts and equipment. The Solvent Washer enables the user to clean the dirty solvent whenever the solvent becomes too contaminated.

2. Simplify regulatory reporting and compliance

Users are classified by the Environmental Protection Agency and state regulatory bodies based upon how much waste they dispose of in their operations. Proper recycling can substantially reduce the amount of solvent waste that they dispose of in their operations.

3. Substantially reduce costs

In the past, users purchased new solvent, paid someone to haul off the dirty waste, and then bought more new solvent. Recycling with the Solvent Washer not only reduces the amount of waste disposal but also substantially decreases the amount of new solvent purchases.

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