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Solvent Recycling Equipment

Solvent Waste Management, Inc.

Solvent Waste Management, Inc. designs and manufactures solvent distillation equipment to help companies clean, and turn their solvent waste back into functioning solvent. Purchasing an on-site Solvent Washer allows companines to avoid expensive regulator costs, and helps speed up operations. Nearly any solvent can be distilled and recycled. Our customers use the Solvent Washer for everything from acetone recycling to recycling paint thinner. Here's a list of commonly distilled solvents.

With all of the complication involved with managing industrial waste, it makes sense for business, and the environment, to explore recycling alternatives.

Many business owners are still not aware of the alternative to buying new solvents to clean your equipment, paying someone to pick-up the used solvent, and purchasing new solvents again.

Advantages of On-Site Solvent Recycling

  • Easy to Operate
  • Reduce Cost of New Materials
  • Lower Cost of Solvent Disposal
  • Lessen Environmental Reporting Requirements
  • Make for a Safer Environment

Solvent Recycling

If you are buying new solvent, paying someone to haul off the dirty waste, then purchasing new solvent again, then consider solvent recycling.

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Solvent Washer
Distillation Machines

The Solvent Washer, designed and manufactured by Solvent Waste Management, Inc., uses a state of the art distillation process to reclaim solvents that have become contaminated.

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Who Should Consider
Waste Solvent Recycling?

Anyone seeking a safe, simple and cost effective method to dispose of solvents used in their cleaning or production process.

Consider Solvent Recycling